The most elegant surprises in life are hidden between the finest lines of our choices. Natura certainly chose us since the day it was just an idea, and evolved in itself effortlessly and naturally.

How does Mediterranean's generous nature feel like in a Cypriot style day?

Inspired by Mediterranean architecture and nature, Natura is the best friend to mountains, sea, forest and blue skies.

I wanted a place where the sea meets nature and the sun. Quiet and away from the crowds, Cyprus was my favorite place, where I would always be intimate with the sun and the sea. There is a coastline in Turkey also, but it is very crowded and it has no integrity. Therefore, when I examined the previous projects of Kıbrıs Developments, I saw that the landscape and the location were very well worked and the people living in Kıbrıs Developments projects were also satisfied. I took the previous projects as a reference and wanted to take part in this project. considering Natura's location, I'm happy and pleased with my decision. I believe will be a successful project and I made a good investment.

Be ready to feel the nature in every form.

To make your house just the way you like it, Natura offers 3 interior design lines: Whether invite your guests to a house with modern lines, feel Mediterranean breeze all over your house, or watch how Nordic touch meets Mediterranean details.

Say hello to your new family!

Natura has it all!

For those who want to have an organic bond with the beautiful essence with the nature. Combining a unique architectural style with its perfect natural surroundings, Natura is offering you a beautiful life full of Mediterranean luxury. Once you call Natura your home, let your own natural stories flow…