Right To Buy

Turkish Citizens: According to the changes introduced by the TRNC Council of Ministers, Turkish nationals who are looking to purchase property in Northern Cyprus are exempt from investigation. Previously, Turkish citizens looking to buy homes, villas, or land in Northern Cyprus were subject to a wait period of 12-18 months. This period has now been reduced to 3-4 months.

Other nationals: According to the laws of the TRNC, people or legal entities from outside of Cyprus who’re looking to purchase property are subject to the permission of the Council of Ministers. If granted permission, they will be able to purchase either one property, one commercial unit or one plot of land (1338 square metres).

When considering the permission request, the Council will consider two main points:

1. Whether there would be any strategic or safety issues due to the property location (e.g. whether the land is close to an army checkpoint)

2. Whether there are any issues with the applicant’s personal history.


Our legal consultant will be happy to assist you regarding any legal concerns or question you have before, during or after the purchase of your property. Our services are outlined in greater detail below:

Residence Permit

To obtain residence permit, it’s essential that you either own a property or enter into a rental agreement for a home in Northern Cyprus. For those who are applying for the first time, it is required to have a number of medical tests done. Additionally, you will be required to provide bank statements as proof that you have a regular income, whether it be from employment or your pension.

Your Will

Wills are prepared by our expert team in accordance with the client’s requirements. A copy of the will signed by the testator will be presented to the Will Registry. If the registry does not recognise the testator, his/her identification will have to be co-signed by a recognised individual. The will should be presented in a special envelope. This envelope will be officially sealed by the signatory of the courts.

A will can not be revealed whilst the testator is alive, unless they give explicit permission themselves. If it is revealed, provision 4 & 5 of the regulation state that the will should be sealed again, with a note on the revealed section(s) of the will document stating that they have been seen, unless they wish to denounce the will, which can be done with a note to that effect. After the passing of the testator, the administrator of the will or another appointed individual may reveal the will and it’s contents.

The document can only be opened in the presence of the Will Registrar, and only after the presentation of identification from either the testator (if they are alive), or the appointed administrator(s) of the estate. The Will Registrar may require sworn testimony with regards to the death or identifications on the administrators.

*Wills can not be created for anybody under the age of 18.