We work with expert in-house landscape architects in both our own company projects and projects from our clients. Our own architects have completed all landscaping work showcased in our portfolio, which you can view for examples of our work.

Our goal is to complete every project without causing any environmental harm, to protect and develop the surrounding areas and to raise environmental awareness in the community...

Our landscape architects provide the following services:

- The arrangement of the property based on the site plans, measurements and other developments passed on by the architectural team.

- The design and planning of communal spaces, including benches, lighting, children’s play areas, gardens, etc.

- Environmental Impact Assessment

- Ecological Impact Assessment

- Strategic Environmental Assessment and Regulation

If you require the services of our landscape architect, the following steps will be taken:

1. Establishment of either the project’s or your needs.

2. The production of accurate detailed drawings and sketches, and the finalisation of materials/plants to be used (includes the production of 3D visuals if deemed appropriate). Once approved by yourself and the project manager, work can begin.

3. Works will begin upon completion of: initial survey, landscape design, hard landscaping, plantation design, drainage planning, plant sprinkler system planning, lighting plan, and the final detailed project and timeline. With your approval, the project can be started.