Get ready to meet the simplicity within us...
Hello with our new brand identity!

2020 has been the year of transformations for our Mother Nature and the whole world. As Kıbrıs Developments, we have left 35 years behind. Although we couldn’t celebrate our 35th anniversary with an event together, we embraced the transformation and gifts brought by 2021 all.

Same roots, new stories

As a brand born from the roots of Northern Cyprus, we are always aware that all the beauty that the Mediterranean offers us is a source of both inspiration and healing at every moment of our lives. The orchids that bloom when the spring comes, the bright sun and the sky, the mountains rising around us in all its glory and the sea symbolizing eternal abundance… We all know that there is a door opening towards us with inspiration and we always carry the wisdom of nature within us...

2021 began out as a year where we started see our surroundings from different perspectives. As Kıbrıs Developments, who has turned 35, a clearer viewpoint has called us to see everything in a new light. We listened to this call and added a new chapter to our brand journey of 35 years around the sun. We said hello to our brand new logo that reflects and celebrates our transformation to our original roots: Simplicity at its best.

A gateway to new stories, inspired by Cyprus

As a long-established company that has adopted the principle of sustainability, we have always been excited to embrace innovations. While the world is changing rapidly, our essence is always to be close to our roots and to nature. In 2021, we continue to see the beautiful outcomings of our choices. We are experiencing the calmness that our roots bring. The same roots that our choices bloom… The fact that our ideas were mostly rooted in the concept of simplicity long before the world has embraced it, and that simplicity is a close friend of sustainability; they make our essence even stronger.

In our new logo, our inspiration is again our roots. But this time, our story is different. In the new version, we have adopted a similar line that preserves the roots of Kıbrıs Developments, but a more modern interpretation which is more compatible with the digital.

To us, every milestone is worth celebrating. Although we could not celebrate our 35th birthday together, we believe in the luck brought by this whole period, when we became more aware of the consciousness of togetherness. With our new brand identity, we are passing through a new door.

We invite you to our video to meet with our brand-new logo, which reflects our transformation into simplicity.

To many stories together…