Kıbrıs Town is waiting for you.

Retro Cypriot doors tell the aesthetic history of old Cyprus... Beautiful and unique, they become the doors of innovation in Kıbrıs Town Houses project. We were on our way to build traditional Cypriot Houses within the framework of this century's living conditions. In this way we have projected the most beautiful items of traditional Cypriot architecture; arches, pergolas, courtyards, quadrangles, pattern mosaic tiles and beautiful Cypriot doors.

Creating a new project for our beautiful Cyprus after our Milos Park Homes project, which has won a lot of awards and had fast sales success in a short time, was a challenging journey. However, as soon as we saw the unique location of Kıbrıs Town Houses, we were inspired to develop a project that suits the nature, texture and location.
Harper Ozbirim MSc International Marketing

Theme of the project.

We were inspired to build traditional Cypriot houses within the framework of this century’s living conditions. We have projected the most beautiful items of traditional Cypriot architecture, arches, pergolas, courtyards, quadrangles, pattern mosaic tiles, rugs and beautiful Cypriot doors. We added peaceful social spaces and sincere neighborhood relations to the formula! We have become the first BREEAM-certified residential project by signing a new policy in North Cyprus without giving up being innovative. We have introduced mOod, an intelligent home system to make daily life easier and add intelligence that contributes greatly to energy saving. We have located Gave, a coffeehouse that offers a space which reflects the history of the old Cypriot coffeehouses with a contemporary touch, in the village square of Kıbrıs Town Houses. Inspired by the unique Cypriot architecture and values, Kıbrıs Town Houses has enriched Cyprus beyond we have imagined.

How would you like to have your house?

Taking inspiration from the best elements of Cypriot culture, our project consists of four different house models - Concept, Compact, Solo & Tailor Made. They all have their own characteristics and design properties to create a spectacular living area.

National Park

One of the most wonderful natural neighbors of Kıbrıs Town Houses, Alsancak National Park has a lot to offer: From children’s playgrounds to amphitheater; sports arenas to restaurants and a walking trail through several types of plants and trees... Whenever you want, National Park is a perfect recreational spot to visit.

Kıbrıs Town has it all.

Kıbrıs Town is offering you a unique lifestyle from its privileged location to the view of the valley meeting the sea, forming a natural piece of art every other day. Projecting the most beautiful items of Cypriot architecture behind the beautiful Cypriot doors. Come explore the innovative way of Cypriot living.