Milos welcomes you.

Milos Park Homes, surrounded by orchards, offer a luxurious life in nature. Amidst olive groves and lemon orchards, Milos Park Homes promises a comfortable life. Comfort is the definition of luxury for us. Details ensure perfection as Milos Park Homes await you to enrich your life.

Theme of the project.

The historical Milos mills which have been our source of inspiration, which are very close to our project site and were ruined as a result of vulnerability. At the entrance gate of Milos Park Homes, which takes its name from historical Milos' mills and in the common areas, reflecting the signs of history used original millstones. The story of historical Milos mills will be told in our project so that a historical artifact which is sunk into oblivion will be transferred to the new generations...

How would you like to have your house?

Milos Park Homes accomodates five different house models - The Lofts, Solo, Doppio, Grande and The Originals. Each of them have distinct characteristics and design principles. Check out and decide which one reflects you.

Milos has it all.

Milos has been designed for a perfect life. A life full of activities that would enrich lives of children, young people and grown-ups is made real in Milos Park Homes, which is located in an area where all kinds of needs are met. While the spirit of nature lives in your home; your soul, your mind and your body will live its best days at Milos Park Homes.