Bulla: Bread with Olive specific to Cyprus

Kıbrıs Town Houses, the unique project of Kıbrıs Developments, which comes to life with a peaceful environment intertwined with nature in the Alsancak region of Kyrenia, opened its doors to the production of “bulla”, which is one of our traditional tastes, just like this festival. 

The traditional bulla prepared in mOod housing type, where demo application of smart home systems offered in Kıbrıs Town Houses is available, was made by Şerife Dolmacı, one of the residents of Milos Park Homes, of the previous project of Cyprus Developments. The bulla, which was made ready for cooking, was cooked in a traditional village bakery at the Village Square, in Kıbrıs Town Houses where 'Gave' is also located. The enjoyable video shoot that took place during the bulla production was also posted on Kıbrıs Developments' Instagram account. 

How to prepare "bulla" according to the traditional recipe?

The ingredients for bulla prepared by Şerife Dolmacı in accordance with the traditional recipe are as follows: 2 kilos of white flour, 1 glass of warm water, local olives, village halloumi cheese, 3-4 onions, mint leaves, 1 glass of olive oil, 1 packet of yeast, 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of sugar.

The preparation process of traditional "bulla" is explained as follows: “By opening a pool in the middle of the sifted flour, yeast, 1 pinch of salt and 1 pinch of sugar are put into it and mixed in dry form. By opening the pool in the middle again, kneading is started by adding a little water and oil. Clean cloth is covered on the dough which has a soft consistency and the dough is expected to rise. Then shredded onions, mint, olive and halloumi cheese are added and kneaded. The desired size is cut into a meringue and the palms are lubricated and shaped into the oven.”