With the development of technology day by day, smart homes, just like smartphones, have begun to enter our lives with more accessibility. Kıbrıs Developments, the leading 33-year construction company of Cyprus, especially with its latest project in Alsancak, Kyrenia, Kıbrıs Town Houses, is building future-friendly structures with a sensitive approach towards the sustainability of our culture and traditions, as well as the sustainability of the environment and natural resources and the improvement of living conditions.

The smart home system, called mOod, enables people to program their scenarios according to their different modes and moods and change their homes with a single click, and can be integrated as an optional option in Kıbrıs Town Houses during the construction phase. 

It is possible to make life easier by developing special scenarios for elderly individuals and individuals with autism.

The application in the mOod housing model, which can be programmed to suit every mood in Kıbrıs Town Houses, provides convenience in terms of health as well as comfort, supports savings and sustainability.

In order to offer a different alternative in terms of innovation after the Alternative of Disabled Solo house, mOod house, which is added to the project portfolio of Kıbrıs Town Houses, can be easily used with sound system, temperature control, lights to the curtain, with main control or timer options. All the devices that are desired to be included in the preferred system can be pre-coded according to the desired scenario and brought to that mode with a single button.