Çağatay Özbirim, Chairman of Blue Way Group, operating for 35 years with Kıbrıs Developments, Çağ Petrol Station and many other subsidiaries made evaluations on the sectoral effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

As a well-established company of 35 years, Özbirim stated that they are well-equipped to adapt to the changing and developing world standards and conditions, basically in terms of human health, comfort, level of life and safety, and at the point where innovation and sustainability are at the forefront. 

“Qualified projects will be in demand”

Özbirim stated that as a company, despite the pandemic, they continue their ongoing activities, economic and physical structures, without any disruption thanks to the firm's financial strength and experienced, well-established staff. 

Saying that he believes that qualified projects will be in demand in the future, Özbirim said, “Especially after Covid-19 concerns have emerged, it has been revealed once again how accurate we are building living spaces within our projects. In addition to this, it is obvious how tight construction in big cities around the world are in a risk, especially in health and pandemic issues.”

Words are kept: December 2020 Life begins at Natura

Noting that they are ready to react very positively both in the sector and as a company, as well as in terms of purchasing power and technological aspects, Özbirim also added “ The facilities to be offered to customers are of great importance. As a company, we can actively use bank loan facilities and all the possibilities made by today's technology, as well as our own facilities, and provide them to all buyers in Turkey and abroad who may need or demand real estate investment.

As Kıbrıs Developments we started to work again on May 4 with the approval of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the construction of the Natura project is continuing and we will make the deliveries to the landlords in December 2020, as promised, if no closure decision is made again."