Kıbrıs Developments Director Çağatay Özbirim gave important messages about the sector due to World Savings Day.

World Savings Day, which started to be celebrated on October 31, 1924, in order to emphasize how important saving is for people and national economies, has become much more valuable in today's consumption world, where energy resources are consumed a lot and it is traditionally celebrated every year. Çağatay Özbirim director of Kıbrıs Developments, which has realized its projects based on world standards in the construction industry where he has been operating for 33 years with the awareness of sustainable environment and savings in our country, made important statements specifically for World Savings Day.

“Reminding that I would like to emphasize once again the importance of saving economically without wasting our energy resources at this important day, Özbirim reminded that every individual and every institution should fulfill its duty in the construction and real estate sector in our country and continued his words: ““As Kıbrıs Developments, we are a company that is trying to bring a new breath to the understanding of mass housing in the sector. Sustainability is important to us. Building sustainable, green buildings is our debt to the future as a sector. For this reason, in addition to the standards in our country, we applied to the BREEAM certificate, which was developed by BRE in the UK in 1990 and is the world's first green building certification system, and we successfully applied all the criteria in our Kıbrıs Town Houses project. For example, brick, insulated glass, armature and other materials used in construction were selected from energy-efficient and certified products. For example, the walls were normally projected to be 25 centimeters. Now we have built 35 centimeter walls with the BREEAM certificate. This is also important in terms of good thermal insulation and durability. There are also water saving aspects. And we can come up with many examples like this. BREEAM certification is an international standard.” 

Özbirim also emphasized that, thanks to BREEAM, the Kıbrıs Town Houses project draws attention with its environmentally friendly, economical and much healthier, sustainable approach for users.