Kıbrıs Town Houses, the unique project of Kıbrıs Developments, which comes to life in the Alsancak region of Kyrenia with its peaceful environment intertwined with nature, opened its festive special doors to The Cyprea, which has a wide follower audience on Instagram. Specialist Dietician Ayşe Hacıarif and Dietitian Emine Uluçay's Instagram accounts named The Cyprea, who gained great acclaim for their posts on social sharing platforms such as nutrition, travel, fashion, especially healthy life are followed up by people who care about young, dynamic and healthy life. It is reinterpreted by the Cyprea duo, the indispensable traditional rose-pudding dessert (Güllaç), the Cyprea duo, in the housing type named mOod, where demo systems of smart home systems offered in Cyprus Town Houses are optionally available.

The smart home system, which is called mOod allows homeowners to make their homes more functional with a single click by programming scenarios according to different modes and moods, that can be optionally integrated during the construction phase in Kıbrıs Town Houses. A video was shot specially for the feast at the mOod house with The Cyprea. During the very enjoyable shooting, young generation dieticians of The Cyprea, Ayşe Hacıarif and Emine Uluçay, had the opportunity to discover the smart kitchen of the mOod, which facilitates the works in a quiet home environment by choosing the calm mood to stay calm based on the holiday rush. Successful dieticians, who often blend the culture of Cyprus with their shares, interpreted the rose-pudding dessert, which has become the traditional, indispensable taste of the holidays, with their own unique recipes. Successful dieticians shared their recipes and tricks with healthy and lighter materials with their followers through their Instagram accounts. 

A healthy and light Güllaç (rose-pudding) recipe special for the feast with The Cyprea review.

The ingredients used in the production of Güllaç (Rose-Pudding) which is one of the most beautiful desserts that relax our stomach with its mild milk taste with the interpretation of The Cyprea: 4 rose leaves, 500 ml lactose-free milk, 7 large dates instead of sugar, cinnamon powder and cinnamon sticks, 1 cup of walnuts and almonds.

Cherry and strawberry can be used optionally to decorate the Güllaç.

The preparation process of the rose-sweet dessert suitable for healthy nutrition by The Cyprea is described as follows: “Before preparing the Güllaç, soak dates in water overnight. After separating the seeds and stems of dates that we soak in water overnight, leave them in a bowl for half an hour with 100 ml of milk and 1 stick cinnamon. Then, remove the cinnamon from the milk and pass the dates and milk through the blender until the dates are thoroughly broken. Transfer the mixture into a small saucepan, add 300 ml of milk and heat it on the stove while stirring. Care should be taken that the mixture is not too hot. Place a layer of Güllaç leaf in a large container and run the warm date and milk mixture on the Güllaç leaves. Put another layer of Güllaç leaves and do the same, then sprinkle with crushed walnuts and almonds. Do the same until the Güllaç leaves are finished. Pour the remaining milk and 100 ml of plain milk and leave to cool in the refrigerator for 2 hours. You can add red fruits while serving.”