Kıbrıs Developments, which creates personalized living spaces with its vision of being an leading institution leading the innovative and residential sector and its 34 years of experience, launched the "Natura" project with the mission of creating a new prestige project after its award-winning projects Milos Park Homes and Kıbrıs Town Houses. 

Kıbrıs Developments Director Çağatay Özbirim, who spoke for the first time at the launch night with the participation of the industry's leading investors, solution partners and a distinguished group of guests, started his speech by heralding that they would continue prestige projects in the future. Özbirim said: “We will continue our desire and effort to always go up in our projects, follow the technology closely, and create new projects in line with the expectations of our people.” 

Emphasizing the need for financing to purchase housing, Özbirim stated that Türkiye İş Bank is also involved in the Natura project and supports this project with Incomplete housing loan, Özbirim thanked Turkey İş Bankası family and stated: “We have always aimed to complete all the projects we have committed before and we have done so. Although we deliver the houses before the date we promised, it has become a tradition to give simultaneous land titles. These elements are valuable efforts in the housing industry.” 

Kıbrıs  Developments Project Development and Marketing Director Harper Özbirim stated the following in his impressive presentation, which was made in detail, and was highly appreciated;  He started his speech by stating that the Natura project is a project where they synthesize their visions and the awareness they created in Milos Park Homes and Kıbrıs Town Houses. Harper Özbirim, who mentioned that the most beautiful stories of Natura are hidden in the nature of the Mediterranean, stated that all the stories created with their unique architecture, interior anatomy, colors, open spaces and pergolas have an organic connection with the essence of Cyprus.

Özbirim said: “There are 68 residences in total, of which 8 are detached villas and 60 are semi-detached apartments. Our Natura project is the smallest site project in terms of volume that we have done so far, but it is the most qualified project we have done so far with the building standard, building quality and the possibilities it contains. The starting point is that it is completely adjacent to Alsancak Park. This project takes its name from nature because it is neighbor to nature. It has a Mediterranean architecture in its concept. The color shades of the rocks in the Beşparmak Mountains in Natura were used on the facades. The main idea here was that when the site was settled in the area where it will be built, it adapted and settled in the environment and environment from the first day. Along with the technical know-how and experience we have acquired during the BREEAM certification process, we also transfer our knowledge here to this project. Our Natura project will also be a sustainable project. Unlike other projects, we have implemented roof terrace applications again like in Milos. Therefore, we increased the individual living spaces of the individual residences within the site. The residences on the ground floor will also have their own garden areas. The residences on the first floor will have roof terraces.” 

‘‘Sustainability is one of our most important principle”

Özbirim also mentioned that sustainable site management lies at the basis of sustainability, which is one of the most important factors of Kıbrıs  Developments' vision stated that they realized that the importance of this issue increased when life started on the site, and said that by creating a sub-brand at this point, they started to manage the site themselves. Özbirim stated that they will continue the same practice in Natura as they did in Kıbrıs  Town Houses. and added that although they have just started, they have received the Platinum award in this category at this year's Property NC Awards.

Sales contract was also signed on launch night

A sales contract was also signed on the launch night. Melih Atahan Güven, who bought a house from the Natura project, explained the reasons for choosing the project as follows: I wanted a place where sea and nature meet the sun. Cyprus was especially my choice because it was a place I loved, calm and away from the crowd. You are always in touch with the sun and the sea. There is a coastline in Turkey, but it is very crowded and has no integrity. Therefore, when I examined the previous projects of Kıbrıs  Developments, I saw that the landscape and its location were studied very well and those living in it were satisfied. When I took the previous projects as a reference, I wanted to take part in this project, considering that Natura will be successful and its position is also good. I am happy and satisfied with my decision. I think I made a good investment.”

Details from Natura Kıbrıs project

This project is a candidate to be the closest friend of the mountain, sea, forest and sky quartet, with its location right next to Alsancak Park as a neighbor to the Kıbrıs  Town Houses project, within walking distance to the beaches in the city center of Alsancak, Girne. Developed with inspiration from the most beautiful examples of the architecture and generous nature of the Mediterranean, Natura houses are designed to make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors because it is so natural that it does not separate from its surroundings. Along with the social areas, balconies, gardens and terraces with panoramic views, the bond to be established with the strong natural elements in the region was aimed. 

Natura project has the same advantages as Kıbrıs  Town Houses. At the intersection of the two projects is the Village Square and Gave, which has become one of the most popular places recently. In addition, as a result of negotiations with the Municipality of Alsancak, a public road will pass from Natura to Alsancak Park. Residents of the site will be able to access the park by walking, not by car, and to the public beach after the park. The project is located 9 kilometers from the city center, a short 10-minute walk from all the main activities and a 5-minute drive. 

There are 68 residences in total, of which 8 are detached villas and 60 are semi-detached apartments. In addition to alternatives that can meet different needs from one bedroom to 3 bedrooms, Natura offers 3 different approach options with modern, Mediterranean and Nordic touches in interior designs. The Natura project has a wealth of social activities: SPA, gym, vitamin bar, Jacuzzi, children's swimming pools and adult pool are also available.

For detailed information about the Natura project, site or sales and contact offices can be visited.