Kıbrıs Holiday Homes, which was established with the aim of creating added value for the owners of Kıbrıs Developments projects, based on the fact that more money can be earned from a property purchased for investment by short-term rental will serve in corporate structure with international standards and full service understanding. 

Kıbrıs Developments, which has been leading the sector with its pioneering and innovative works in the real estate sector for 35 years, within the Blue Way Group, offers a profitable opportunity to the homeowners of their projects. Under the Kıbrıs Holiday Homes brand, short-term rentals of the residences will be held at professional standards with a full service understanding. Secure payment and transparent visibility of user comments will be provided on the platform where reservations can be made for residences through the internet address  

Harper Özbirim, who is the Director of Project Design and Marketing of Kıbrıs Developments, which has taken an innovative and pioneering stance in the use of technology as well as many innovations it has added to the sector at the meeting held for the launch of Kıbrıs Holiday Homes, first conveyed the developments that shaped the birth of the brand. He stated that they have analyzed vacation planning trends around the world and that there is an increase in the preference of holiday homes called "touristic residences" as well as hotels. Özbirim also emphasized that the Kıbrıs Developments projects would meet the expectations from an ideal tourist residence, both in terms of the facilities offered and the structural features.

Kıbrıs Holiday Homes, which will provide a corporate and international service with a holistic approach, will also offer the opportunity to transparently see the revenues they will receive through an online panel for homeowners who will open their residences through this system.