Kıbrıs Developments, which has realized its projects based on world standards in the construction industry, where it has been operating for 33 years with the awareness of sustainable environment and savings in our country, supports the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment against nylon bags with its project called 'Sakgulli Project'. Within the scope of the project in question, it is aimed to both reduce the use of environmentally friendly nylon bags and carry nostalgia to the present day by emphasizing the use of “sakgulli” when the habit of using plastic bags in Cyprus did not exist. 

Kıbrıs Developments Project Development and Marketing Director Harper Özbirim said the following regarding the “Sakgulli Project”: “In addition to our sensitivity towards sustaining our culture, traditions and architectural values, we are taking our steps with a sensitive approach towards the sustainability of the environment and natural resources and the improvement of living conditions. “Sakgulli Project” is an example of our sensitive approach.”

Harper Özbirim also emphasized the great importance they attach to sustainability and stated that in addition to the standards in our country, they applied all the criteria of the BREEAM certificate, which was developed by BRE in England in 1990 and is the first green building certification system in the world, in Kıbrıs Town Houses project. He also emphasized that they created sustainable buildings where they achieved 50% water savings and 30% energy savings. The Kıbrıs Town Houses project was deemed worthy of the “Greenest Building” award in the ongoing projects of Sign of the City Awards, one of Turkey's most prestigious real estate awards, as the most up-to-date fruit of its work. 

Nostalgic “Sakgulli” were put up for sale in the place called “Gave”, which was opened in Kıbrıs Town Houses project to ensure the continuity of our culture. Income from sales of “Sakgulli” will be donated to an environmental project.