The importance that Kıbrıs Developments pioneers in the real estate sector attaches to the cultural values of our country is reflected in its projects. The exhibition, which started to be published on Instagram between April 1-20, includes special portraits that do not cease to produce and continue our culture. 

The exhibition, composed of portraits prepared with inspiration from our forgotten cultural values and reflected with the symbol of 1%, reaches its followers with the hashtag #yarinanekaldi on the Instagram page of Kıbrıs Developments. A portrait is shared every day in the exhibition which aims to present and honor the individuals, who are the only remaining but one of the building blocks that will ensure the continuity of the Cyprus culture, as the faces of the project. 

The portraits of our special people, who have been passionately embraced and have been working tirelessly for years, mean not to give up the following elements: Kneading pottery culture, grandmother's lemonade recipe, Fights of Karagöz and Hacivat, carry the smell of coffee on it, adding cultural value to homes, serving our local dishes, to remind of the values we forgot with sculptures, After the events of 1974, the walls of Nicosia, being a father's profession, to explain the essence of the city, garga suyu, lefkara motif, folklore, researching and telling the history and promoting Cyprus.