Çağatay Özbirim, Director of Cyprus's 35-year leading construction company Kıbrıs Devleopments, gave important messages regarding the construction sector in which they operate, due to the World Environment Day. Pointing out the importance of having a high level of environmental awareness both institutionally and individually, Özbirim underlined that a sustainable future is possible with an environmentally sensitive sector, especially in the construction sector. Özbirim stated that, while building living spaces, he believes that it is necessary to act with an approach that is compatible with the environment in terms of texture as well as protecting the sustainability of natural resources. Özbirim added that they not only implement the given standards in Cyprus, but also act tender to implement the global standards. Reminding that they operate with a sustainable environmental awareness in Cyprus, Özbirim said that every individual and every institution should fulfill their duty: “We, as Kıbrıs Developments, are trying to bring a breath of fresh air to the public housing understanding in the sector with environmentalist practices. For example, in our Milos Park Homes project, 350 trees over the age of 50 were protected on the site and a site plan was created accordingly.

Our project is an example for the sector at this point, by winning both the Sign of the City Awards as the Jury Special Prize in Turkey, and also the most award-winning project at PropertyNC awards ceremony at the same year. Since we are in the focus of raising the bar and offering an upgrade in every project we implement, we have applied all the given criteria in our Town Houses Project and received the BREEAM certificate, the world's first green building certification system which was developed by BRE in England in 1990. ”

With BREEAM, an international standard on the basis of sustainability we have applied 50% water saving and 30% energy saving in our Kıbrıs Town Houses project. Thus, have won "Best Green Building" award at the Sign of the City Awards. Özbirim said, “We have further developed our previous project, which is still under construction, by using our knowledge and experience we have obtained with BREEAM certification program in both design and application. Our project, which we named Natura as an indicator of our sensitivity to the environment, is the smallest scale project we have implemented so far, however the most qualified project in terms of content and structure quality. This project was awarded the title of Premium Project in the Best Housing category at the Sign of the City Awards last year. ”