Coffeehouses, scraped into the minds of the ancient people as taste, smell, stories and moments, was often a place for men to gather, chat and play, and where social, political, social and artistic events were discussed in the towns and villages. The coffeehouses where encomiasts, domestic producers, minstrels and consultants went, had maintained its prestige until the 1960s. In terms of the culture they create with their architectural structures and equipment, it has been accepted as an important value in the society. In time, upon the change of social and communal conditions, the demand for coffeehouses has decreased and these places have been transformed into cafes. Against these values that we lost and remember wishfully; in Gave, where we materialize to revive our coffeehouse culture, which became widespread in 1940s and has run out with modernization, the values coming from our history have been reinterpreted. As Kıbrıs Developments, we present Gave with modernizing the culture of welcoming, sharing and tolerant coffeehouse culture to new generations. Gave, located in the village square of Kıbrıs.Town, offering a living space independent of the modern city life, is designed to address all ages and genders. With the contemporary interpretation of the old masculine system, it is aimed to be a place where women can also spend time. In Gave, you will also be able to taste Cyprus Coffee, which is indispensable for Cyprus, under the Gave Coffee brand with 2 different blends representing the culture of Cyprus aromatically. With its seating capacity of 100 people both inside and outside, its square, view and nature, Gave opens its doors with the arrival of 2019.

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