We, as Kıbrıs Developments, strive to construct homes that offer optimum comfort and technology whilst being environmentally conscious, for the sake of this green island that we love so much and for our children’s futures. Each project that adds to the value of our country fills us with pride and happiness. We here at Blue Way Group recognise our duty to our country, which is why we choose to invest in our own country’s economy. It’s not just about real estate and investment. We also aim to be innovative and leaders in energy, environment, tourism and construction, too. This is because; we believe that the best investment is an investment in the future. For our country and our future, we work to deliver products that are socially responsible, quality, trustworthy and honest. We will continue our quest to be leaders in the construction industry. Our goal to grow our corporation means that we will continue to offer every product and service in a creative and unique manner.
Cağatay Özbirim Director