The construction phase of your dream home is made up of four key stages, which we have outlined for you below:

Stage 1: The architect or engineer in charge of your project will draw up an initial Work Plan. A site plan will be drawn up and resource allocation arranged.

Stage 2: Once construction has reached a certain point, you will be asked to choose your preferred materials, including tiles, paint, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, etc. You will have a choice of products from the ranges provided by our partner suppliers and expert subcontractors will complete construction work. However, our own representatives will manage the general coordination of the project. During the construction phase, if you wish to make any amendments, our team will advise you regarding the financial impact of your required changes.

Stage 3: This is the approvals stage. In order to complete this stage, a number of checks will be completed by a number of government bodies. Once done, we will move onto the title deed proceedings. The checks to be completed include:

- Council Tax/Title Application

- Water Meter Application

- Cyp-TEC Electricity Control

- Installation of an electricity meter

- Registeration to department of telecommunication

- Connection of a telephone line

- Payment arrangements

- Preparation of title deed documents

Stage 4: This is the Pre-Delivery Check stage and is the final step of the construction process. The architect will identify any areas that are incomplete. Once this check is complete, the client will visit their new property with one of our team to be shown around, and to receive their keys.