Have you ever thought about what walking means to us? Well, technically it is a movement in which kinetic energy of forward motion is constantly being traded for a rise in potential energy, meaning that with each step, your world changes. I think that’s why walking has an important place in many teachings, philosophy, and modern psychology. In our modern times, on the other hand, it’s one of the favorites of modern medicine too: Medical researchers recommend walking 10,000 steps a day for a healthy living. To me, walking is one of the basic methods to elevate your mood and I am happy to share a great route for your next energizing walk.

If you love walking and -as a proud graduate of geography- love observing nature like me, it is a matter of time to realize that even the simplest hiking trail is full of unique natural knowledge. So, let's tour the one and only Lapta Coastal Walkway located by the sea, with unique mountain views.

Listen to the rhythm of the day.

From sunrise to sunset, the hours that everyone prefers to walk are different! Lapta Coastal Walkway is the best choice for both renewal and relaxation, especially in the early morning and evening hours of summer. This walkway has the potential to steal your heart as you walk on wooden bridges over the cliffs and witness the ever-changing blue of the sea.

I always love to share some cool information about the places that I’ve been before. Since I have a geography major, I tend to see the world as a one wonderous system. Take winds for example… You know, land areas heat and cool faster than water. During the day, land heats up which heats the air above the land. The warm air rising above the land pulls cooler air in from the water. At night, the reverse process occurs. So, as the day goes on, you will experience different breezes on Lapta Coastal Walkway and feel it in a brand-new way.

Make your day unforgettable

Lapta Coastal Walkway is one of the best routes in North Cyprus for "I will get up and definitely walk in the morning!" people. I am sure it will satisfy "I will watch the sunrise in the morning!" people too. Let’s add fishing to the equation and win the hearts of those who love fishing in the early hours of the day. I cannot imagine a better way to meet a new day like this with the fresh smell of the perfect Mediterranean.

A different kind of joy awaits those who want to set the sun in the evening. Whether you want to relax and unwind after a busy day or take a break with friends at the weekend, to watch the beauty of the moonlight is unforgettable… The nature of Kyrenia, accompanied by the sound of the waves, is elegantly and wildly beautiful both in the daylight and in the moonlight.

Feeling fresh by the sea

After reaching 10,000 steps, sitting, and relaxing by the sea view is well-deserved. Since there are not so many buildings in the area, your next stop would be the cafe that everyone knows.  You can drink delicious Cypriot lemonade in the café’s warm atmosphere full of old Cyprus photos, enjoy the halloumi with coffee or enjoy that ice cream you’ve dreamt while walking...

Another thing that makes Lapta Coastal Walkway unique is its location. Even when regional parks are too humid to comfortably walk, Lapta Coastal Walkway becomes the ultimate relief point. Sometimes, people go to Lapta Coastal Walkway just to feel this freshness…

Walking is always good for our soul, body, and mind. Lapta Coastal Walkway is waiting to surround us with its beauty and energy.

Erol Sarı

Kıbrıs Developments