Say "hello" to the day with bilberries

The Originals is the new home for those who wish to experience comfort and elegance right in the middle of nature. Saying 'hello' to the day with bilberries. Taking a rest under an olive tree. Passing through lemon orchards to reach home. The heart of your life will beat at The Originals...

Garden or terrace? Up to you...

Our best-seller model.

The Originals creates special living spaces with its award-winning style and offers a unique experience. If you wish, you can choose the ground floor, and enjoy your garden in your home full of lemon trees. Alternatively, you can choose the terrace floor to have great barbecue nights.

How can four walls create the feeling of belonging before being a house yet? How can a garden can make your forget everything remaining from the first day of your foot prints meeting? How come the human can put all his loads, happiness, dreams, future in it, privacy, concessions and espousing behind a door? When does a house become home? When laying the walls or painting? Or, when hugging the familiar faces who runs towards the key sound turning on the door? Really, do the lemons collected from that garden make you forget the stones stuck on your foot? Or, the rivets make you live the excitement again when you enter firstly to the house?
Merve Saner The Originals Resident