A special living concept.

Solo is a special living concept which was designed for an unhindered life whose every single detail is considered. It has an architecture which includes all the requirements of an unhindered life. It is everybody's right to benefit from all the luxurious privileges of Milos Park Homes.

Key Features

- 104.5 square meters

- Fitted wardrobes

- Supporting a disability-free life

- Private garden

-2 Bedrooms

* All details are designed according to International Disability Standards

Just one step to your garden.

A vast garden area which is filled with fruit and olive trees on top of its unique scenery. Every Solo was designed as a single house with one floor for those with limitations of movement. There is no hindrance to your comfort in the Solo Homes.

We bought a home from the Escape Homes project completed by Kibris Developments. The owners of the company and their team were honest, trustworthy, and friendly. They always had a solution to every difficulty we faced. The fact that this high level of service and assistance continued after the sale was complete was surprisingly pleasant. We’re huge fans of their new project “Milos Park” – the owners’ unique taste, their respect for the environment and their love for this project shines through in this beautiful estate. So much so, that we have decided to relocate to this new estate. Due to our not-so-young age and various health problems, we decided to go for one of the “Solo” homes. The high quality finish and provision for those who are less-than able make it a perfect choice for us. We can’t wait until we can finally move in! Thank you to the owners and to all of the employees for their hard work, and we wish you all continued success.
Türkan Aydoğan Eray Solo Resident