Architectural Services

Whilst you sip on your coffee in our office, we’ll guide you through finding your dream living space. Each home is designed in a bespoke service for each client. We know the importance of style and quality, which is why we’ll present you with only the highest standard locations. Any changes and requirements you have will be incorporated into your new home, so you can enjoy a comfortable and practical living space.

  • Needs and Wants Assessment

    After our initial meetings, we will draw up a needs and wants assessment for your project file and prepare a Work Information Form. Upon your approval of this form, we’ll move onto the next step of the process.
  • Land Selection

    If there is a plot you have selected for the development of your project, you will need to inform us of the plot’s details and map. If you don’t yet have a plot for your new home, you can choose from our range of plots and projects. We will analyse the necessary information from the Town Planning Department in order to check the state of the roads and pavements, environmental factors, infrastructure, floor limitations, ceiling restrictions and any other necessary details.
  • Preliminary Project

    The next step is to prepare the preliminary project. This usually involves four main steps: 1. To obtain the original site plans of the property (or copies, if the originals are unavailable) to check the boundaries of your land with the Land Office. 2. The Preliminary Project will be prepared in accordance with any requirements you set out in your Work Information Form. Expert architects and engineers will begin work on your project. Throughout this time, consideration will be given to the required space, the number of people who will reside in the property, budget, environmental factors and other relevant criteria. Once the work has been completed, we will present the project to you together with our architectural team. 3. If you wish to make any changes, these will be taken into consideration and a second presentation will occur after the updates are complete. 4. Once the Preliminary Project is finalised and you’ve authorised work to begin, we will move onto the Final Project.
  • Final Project

    During this phase, the approved Advance Project will be passed to the appropriate contractors, in accordance with our Quality Assurance and project criteria. Once contractors have been established, the sales agreement will be signed and the project will officially begin construction. The next step involves passing the Advance Project to the construction engineer. (If you choose to request one, we can create 3D visuals of your project before passing the project over to the engineer). Once you’re happy with the work produced by our architects and engineers, we will move onto the mechanic, static and electrical aspects. Once you have confirmed the final version of the plans, the project file will be sent to the Town Planning Association, Council and other relevant authorities for approval. This marks the end of the Final Project phase.