• Furniture & Accessories

    All of our properties are unfurnished to give you the opportunity to furnish your new home to your own taste. We have built partnerships with the best furniture suppliers around the island to help you source the finest products. You can be sure that we can help you out with all your furniture and accessory needs.
  • Property Management / Security

    Security is a big concern when it comes to being away from your home, but with our Property Management service, it no longer needs to be. CCTV monitors all entry and exit points of our estates. The security system requires ID confirmation from each person and there are a number of security personnel monitoring the area. In addition, walls with barbed wire protect every estate. If you have any other security concern or requirement other than those mentioned here, our team will be happy to assist you.
  • Housekeeping & General Cleanliness

    The communal care of each estate works with a monthly service charge. This charge helps us to maintain a clean and tidy estate, including the pathways, pools, bars, roads and other communal spaces. If you have any other cleanliness concern or requirement other than those mentioned here, our team will be happy to be of assistance.
  • Landscape & Garden Care

    All our landscaping is done by professionals, so we believe that the maintenance should also be done by professionals. Lawn care, children’s play area care, tree care and other such services will be carried out by our trusted landscape experts.
  • Household Appliances

    White goods are essential for every home. Once you complete the purchase of your property, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted suppliers of white goods to ensure you have everything you need in your new home. We’ve been working with the same suppliers since our creation. Their technical support and product guarantees are sure to be satisfactory for your needs.
  • Car Rental

    If you didn’t travel in your own vehicle when coming to Cyprus, you may struggle with transportation at first. In order to avoid this difficulty, we’re happy to arrange the hire of a vehicle during your required length of time.
  • Refurbishment & Alterations

    In case of unexpected damage or repair work, you can contact our team at any time for assistance. We’re also here to help if you should choose to add an extension to your property or to build an additional building.